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But it does pose an issue if you don't. Don't worry. Of course, you'll need an Apple ID to access iCloud. Step 4: Hover over an uploaded file, and then click the More icon three-dots. On the context menu that shows up, click Download a Copy. You can also convert and download multiple files. To select more than a single file, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click on the files that you want to convert. The files should download to your hard drive in the chosen format immediately.

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This method is very convenient, and most importantly, secure. The formatting problems should mostly be non-existent on the majority of PAGES documents after conversion. So do keep that in mind. We'll be talking about one in the next section. Below, you can find specific steps for using Zamzar, a reputed online converter that has been around for a while, and works quite well on most Android browsers.

Incredibly Fast! As suggested, Ebook writers and document framers experience the problem which this converter tries to solve. They are people who create endless work, day by day. Therefore, the program assures a speedy process in the conversion. Got hundreds of pages to convert for a book submission? Worry no more!

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Have to revise a legal document but need it via PDF? This converter has your back, so all you need is a few seconds and the job is done. Best for Contract Creation! Contracts are binding documents. Therefore, they have to be accurate and quickly produced. This program was specifically created for this purpose! If a contract to be copied was caught on camera, it just has to be converted to PDF, saving all the time for other concerns. If the given template for a contract was merely a scanned image, it can be easily changed to a PDF format, making time for changes to be made.

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  8. Plus, remember that PDFs are editable, so the revision process is a walk in the park! Both those solutions can be either multi-functional and have a conversion feature or focus on conversion only. To install the solution on your device, you should visit the Microsoft Store and select the free or paid service that you prefer.

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do the file conversion:. You can select a solution that doesn't require you to provide an email address or password. The Microsoft Store is full of various free and paid solutions. All the options are affordable for any user. Also, you can choose software that not only has a reasonable price but contains all the exact features you need.

    As a result, you will have a trustworthy converter that works even without an internet connection. This means you do not need to overpay for an expensive subscription. The Mac OS Preview default application in most cases is used for viewing the most widespread file formats.

    Open & Convert Pages file with a Zip app on PC

    And surprisingly, many users are not aware of all of the features that are available on Pages. With that said, these formats are not easily opened with Preview. This makes their content difficult to view. An application can easily import and convert those formats.

    In fact, this software has a basic set of applications for comfortable editing and viewing of all formats mentioned above.

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    This is a versatile solution for opening and viewing different sorts of content. Preview is also a fast and free file converter. Additionally, you can easily view all metadata of an image after converting it.

    How to Save a Pages Document to Word or PDF

    In the pop-up window, you will see all the detailed information about your file. This default app supports the certification of documents. By using this feature, one can create a handwritten-like signature. Acrobat Reader is used worldwide for opening, editing and processing PDF documents. In fact, Adobe was the company that founded PDF documents and started using them.

    It helps you easily create, manage, edit and convert PDF files from different sources. To convert a PDF file into an image, follow these instructions:. All document processing will be available in this solution once you sign in or register as a new user. To get to better know Acrobat, you can first install the trial version which includes most desktop features, but a limited amount of cloud services. After the trial period ends and no subscription is paid, the solution will still work in the limited mode.

    In particular, you will be able to view, comment, edit and sign documents. All the other options will be unavailable.

    How to Open a PDF in Pages with PDFelement

    To operate it needs no additional software but an internet connection. To process the file upload it, press the orange button and afterward choose one of the following actions: download, save, edit, share or sign and secure. There are multiple ways to save the document in the following extension. You have to make three simple steps: drag and drop the doc, push the orange button and then decide what to do next with the doc out of the list of available options. This is a free platform that requires an internet connection only to employ it. Simply upload the initial document, press the relevant button and share the document.

    You have also other options besides saving? Including downloading and sharing. Regardless of the operating system loaded on your computer you can try the Alto platform. For that, upload the initial file, press the button to transform it and afterwards save. The key priority is that you can directly load the files from Cloud Storage and export them back.

    This is an online platform. You can use it from any device.