Copy and paste on mac terminal

You can also copy directories, including all the files they contain. When you use options with commands, this additional letter—always preceded by a hyphen - —tells the command to do something a bit differently. The recursive option tells the cp command to copy every item in the folder: every sub-folder, every file and folder in every sub-folder, and so one, all the way down, to the new location.

So you can copy a directory from your Desktop to your Documents folder like this:. But there are two ways you can use the mv command.

Making the clipboard work between iTerm2, tmux, vim and OS X.

So you could issue this command to move a file from your Desktop to a folder on a backup disk:. You can also move directories with the mv command. One of the great things about the command line is the way you can use wildcards to simplify commands. For example, if you want to copy all the. The mv command also lets you quickly rename files.

What you do is essentially move a file to the same location, but change its name. You can change a file name like this:. This is a valuable tool for troubleshooting; you can use this to create a backup copy of a file, such as a preference file, in case you need it again. Feels like redemption!

How to Paste on Mac: Command + V

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It Works Everywhere Except…

To answer your 4 questions: That putty option to select and then right-click to paste in the best invention after the mouse. Probably can be done through reverse engineering, but why bother for something so trivial, and the fact that it's illegal :P Install something? Are the source code for the mac terminal public available? No but iTerm's is. Reverse engineering is not illegal in the United States.

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Not sure what country you're posting from, though. Right click to paste is how it works in Putty in windows and I think maybe some Linux based terminal apps also. I haven't looked into it myself, but Karabiner should be able to "remap" right mouse button to middle mouse button eg simulate a middle mouse button click when the Terminal app has focus. You can launch an X11 server and use xterm. Everything is already in the box.

You could also install TotalTerminal and enjoy hotkey access to a dropdown Quake-style terminal that has a copy-on-select setting too :- TotalTerminal augments the existing Terminal and doesn't replace it so I find it a nicer solution than installing and using another app Eno Eno 4 4 bronze badges. As a precaution, it has not been loaded.

Please contact the plugin developer for further information. Sign in to your account. On the other hand, without osx layer, clipboard-kill-region or clipboard-yank execute instantly.

How to paste using Mac within Linux lab terminal sessions | Community | Linux Academy

I'm running Spacemacs in Yosemite from iTerm2, inside or outside tmux it does not seem to make a difference on this regard. Hi syl20bnr , it is slow from the start. Here are my software versions and what I already tried, I hope it will give you some more handle on this:. Emacs: I tried to remove as much as possible from my.

After this you can use regular VIM key-bindings for pasting p in normal mode and C-r in insert mode.

Cmd-v is still slow, though. Uhm I get Could not load osx-clipboard-mode at startup. Do you maybe have any clue why? Besides this, it works like a charm! Maybe you could fix your code examples above, in case anybody else needs this :. Can't reproduce it even with copying buffer that contains lines. Copies instantly, pastes instantly.

How to Copy & Paste on Mac - OS X Beginner Tip

But El Capitan. I haven't upgraded to El Capitan yet but I do update spacemacs on a regular basis and I still have this issue Looks like pbcopy has richer functionality and I am not really understand all it's features , while osx-clipboard is very simple and straightforward. What are the advantages of the currently used package?