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Now that the drive is mounted, we can edit the file system. Pretty self explanatory. Type in: reboot. Full out guessing, but can you set the autorun data to always add the. As you already mentioned, setting up a Firmware Password that they don't know will stop them from booting into Single User mode, and thus stop them from creating new accounts. The old trick of removing and replacing RAM sticks to reset the Firmware password doesn't work on most recent models within the last couple of years, so as long as your Macs fit that criteria, that would be the best way to stop them.

The line stating "head on over to one of our other guides on getting into single-user mode while locked" may be referring to that old trick, but again, that doesn't work anymore on models from sometime in and up. The only way to get around a Firmware password is to know or guess the password and then unset it within Recovery HD, for example.

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Use policy to reprimand offenders, I'd say. You could lock the firmware, at your support peril. Confucius say Do not bring knife to gunfight.

How to open Terminal on Mac

It's a losing battle. Losing battle? Right now, if I were one of those students confronted with doing this, I'd just reply that it was so easy to do, so why shouldn't I? Right now its trivial, and I honestly don't blame them for doing it.

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  8. I'd also implement the reporting as suggested above, so you can keep tabs on those illicit accounts. Just as an FYI they have simply found the easiest fastest way to mess around with users. A Google search can turn up much better ways.

    How to Add a User From Terminal Mac OS X Screen Sharing |

    In the regular BSDs and Linux there are ways to secure single user mode. Unfortunately as you have found above we really only have firmware passwords and FV2 to deal with that I take a slightly different approach since we do not currently use EFI passwords. The final mkdir command creates a new, blank home directory for a user, which is a little different from what Server App does when it both creates the directory and populates it with sub directories and I'm guessing the appropriate permissions. Curbing my skepticism, I went ahead and tried this out, beginning with a few lines to rename the old home and create the new one:.

    I went ahead and copied over the user's files, set flags and permissions, and attempted a login. For some reason I thought that the Server App-generated home directory template, the Library folder specifically, was important to this process. Turns out a new blank folder with correct permissions works just fine.

    How to Create an Admin Account on any Mac OS X Computer

    Posted on Jan 22, PM. The above has worked consistently well for me over the years and can be scripted and added to your deployment solution.

    Can't Access Any of Your User Accounts? You Can Still Create a New Admin Account

    Jan 22, PM. Page content loaded. These folders will be generated from the default home folder template and be given their correct permissions. Jan 23, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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    Getting to Know the Command Line

    Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: Generating user home folder in Terminal I'm exploring bash shell scripting Terminal to manage my routine tasks with and have one process that's proving challenging to reproduce in the command line. The resulting commands would read something like this in El Capitan: sudo dscl. When I follow this up with dscl.

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