How to force restart mac pro

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How to force reboot a frozen Mac

Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Finding this blog saved me from a trip to the Genius Bar. Figuring out the location of the power button solves all. Many thanks! I had a chuckle reading this post. I found out, in one of my struggles to reboot, because I had installed software that took over my machine, that all I had to do was to turn off and turn back on again using the power button. Needless to say, I was very relieved and pleasantly satisfied.

This solved my problem! I did not realize it was a button either but when I pushed on it as you recommended it reset and all was well.

Thanks for the insight. Many thanks for this post. My coworker was in complete distress and also did not realize that the touch bar was actually the power button, or button! Thank you! Do you know what to do when that does not work? I have been pushing and holding the button down all morning. Track pad is dead and black screen staring at me. I was seconds from making a Genius Bar appointment because I thought my Mac was dead. I had no idea that was the on button.

Thank you SO much!!!! And when Finder locks up network connectivity is lost immediately. So SSHing in is a no go. And file system errors have happened often enough that shutting down by the power switch means I always have to restart to the recovery console to check my drives. But sooner or later my luck will run out. Each new OS since Snow Leopard has gotten more unstable in file system land. Many others have said as much before but Apple keep hang on to this dinosaur like grim death.

Brand new crashed Mac book Pro on permanent Black screen. Older Mac book in for hard drive problems. Yosemite to blame? I Think pc is the future. Annelenne mine did the exact same thing when I updated to El Captain 3 days after the warranty expired. So, I have a Macbook , wondering what will solve the issue I am having, it will power on but, the wheel keeps spinning and spinning until after a few mins, then it shuts off. Can anyone suggest a quick fix? If everything comes up OK, then you can try doing a reinstall.

But before you go through all of that, I would suggest you bring it to an Apple Store near you and have them check out for free.

How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

Go to this link, click on the Apple Store near you, then scroll down and click on the Genius Bar button and make an appointment:. While working on line my old Macbook locked up with wheel spinning and nothing happening. I hit the power button and the machine turned off. I hit the power button again and got a white screen with a folder in the middle. No keys would work. I tried several key combinations. The folder went away.

I now have a blank white screen. How can I unlock it? The blinking white folder with a question mark on it means the startup disk can not be found, reboot and hold down the Option key, select your boot disk, and start up as usual. You may need to boot into Recovery Mode to repair the disk. Sometimes that happens when a disk is failing or will soon fail, so be sure to back up your data.

It seems that my hard drive has crashed since all attempts of recovery have failed. Are there any other options? I recently received a MAC from someone. It worked fine the first couple times until I tried to update Garage Band. I have a non-Max keyboard wired in…. I will booting without that tonight.

This is my first MAC and I have no disc. Someone else upgraded. Tried everything with software to clear the problem, but still none the wiser. BigBenn, are you going to fix your frozen Mac problems?

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Complaining on the a web site and the internet may be free and easy, but so is calling tech support. Is there a way to reboot without losing work open in Word? Sure no problem, just save your file before you reboot.

3 Ways to Reset a MacBook Pro - wikiHow

Aside from that it may depend on what version of the app and OS X you are using and if it supports Auto-Saving, which can trigger in a freeze. I can not close my computer because it says that safari will not let it close. I am stumped. If I turn off the computer and turn it back on all I get is a window that says analog power saving mode and then the screen goes blank.

Turn off (shut down) your Mac

How do I fix this. Thanks to the author too, this is great. I have a bizarre problem. While using my mac, it suddenly shut off completely. No warning, just a black screen. When i tried to restart it, it was like it was dead. I pushed tge little button on the side that indicates how much battery life i have and it was full. I let it completely die, no lights lit upon pushing the button again then recharged it and tried turning it on again. Every few days i would try and turn it on again, with no luck. Im baffled, and Now every so often it starts doing it again.

I have a MacBook I came back to computer after leaving it open all day and screen is white. Tried several power and key combinations but no luck. Any suggestions? Could logic board need repair? What if the computer is unresponsive to holding down the power button? Thank you for the advice. I was using Google street view and wanted to look down an adjacent street.