How to ping your ip address on a mac

Select System Preferences from Apple menu, and then click Network.

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Make sure network interface used by computer is selected, and then click Advanced. When you are using wired LAN, make sure Ethernet is selected. Click Hardware to check the MAC address.

XXX" is the IP address of the target device. If communication is taking place, a message like the one shown below appears.

How to do a Ping Test on MAC OS X?

Business owners can use Network Utility to troubleshoot printer problems and determine if an issue is software or hardware based. Provided the ping command works successfully, the problem can be isolated to a software issue.

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Ping commands send a small data packet to the printer to ensure that the device communicates properly with your computer. You must ask your IP administrator for the IP address of the printer before you start.

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Select "Go" menu from your Mac's menu bar and then click "Utilities. Consult with your IT administrator to receive the appropriate IP address for your printer.

how to ping ip address on mac

Updated October 17, Ping works the same across all platforms—open the utility then type:. A typical ping session finds the requested server then returns statistics:. Reply from: By default, Microsoft Windows ping sends a series of four messages to the address.

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The program outputs a confirmation line for each response message received from the target computer. Bytes: Each ping request is 32 bytes in size by default.

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  • Time: Ping reports the amount of time in milliseconds between the sending of requests and receipt of responses. TTL Time-to-Live : A value between 1 and , TTL can be used to count how many different networks the ping messages passed through before reaching the target computer. A value of indicates the device is on the local network, with 0 other networks in between.

    In some cases, ping requests fail.