Mac expose and spaces mountain lion

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Like this: Like Loading Explaining the unexplainable with images, video and text. Search the site: Search for:. If this site has helped you, please consider making a small "buy me a coffee" donation! Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I used to do the same. I have anywhere between spaces.

I've started using F3 to display all the spaces in Mission Control and then clicking on the space I want. It's different but more efficient than going through one at a time. Werner, have you found any way to save the spaces you setup so that you don't have to setup each space all over again each time you restart? Thanks for your article.

This is the best explanation I've found yet. Hi Jamie - Hmmm I haven't run into that problem. All my spaces are persistent through restarts. I don't have to set them again and again and again. Might be a question for an Apple Genius JAmieT i had the same issue. Is there any way to label a space desktop in mission control - now that hyper spaces is no longer supported? Great question Jonathan.

Just what I was wondering if this was possible. The icons are a bit small to see at times so having them labeled would be excellent. Is there any way to recreate those actions?

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I find it far, far more efficient than using key commands. I use seven spaces and found the ability to switch between them with one hand very convenient. Apple, are you listening? Its so hard to keep them straight without this functionality. Is this possible yet?

I am a huge span of spaces I used 9 of them in snow leopard and I am saddened that we are not able to have them in a grid anymore in Mavericks. I used to keep my code directly below my view, and I'd use control-up and control-down to see changes in my applications as I progressed. The only solution I've seen so far for Mavericks is an app that I need to pay for smart move, guys!

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I understand that the average user doesn't need or understand spaces, but for those of us who reply on it - having it ripped out from new versions of the OS is super frustrating. Would it really have been that much more work to leave it in? I also loved the way spaces worked in Snow Leopard. The best workaround on Mavericks I've found is the app Total Spaces google it.

Yes, it's not free, but it's not too expensive, and I've found it to be completely worth it. It's even more customizable than the old Snow Leopard Spaces.

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The only down side I've found is that they don't yet have a way to suppress the OS from automatically creating a new space when you take an app to full screen mode, which ends up being slightly annoying. I've filed a feature request with them about this, so hopefully that we get fixed soon. But other than that, I've been very happy with the product. It has enabled most of my old workflow with a 3x3 desktop arrangement.

Restore classic Expose behavior in Mountain Lion

I just started using multiple desktops in Mission Control and for the first week I could switch spaces with a single click on a dock icon. But it changed somewhere along the line and now I have to double click on the icons to switch, which is a lot clumsier. It also hangs up when I am clicking a link or a command in another app that should launch a new space. Anyone know how to get back to the single click switch? First of all I never used spaces, but remembered hearing about them. I now use them and they are exactly what I need ok, want The experierience is better in full screen, but once in full screen mode, the Mac Dock does not appear on my primary display.

Also, it is actually better that it doesn't, then I don't wind up with 2 docks one in Windows, one in Mac. Try the 4-finger swipe to get from space to space. Just check them off and you're all set only problem is that the numpad doesn't work, only the numbers above the "qwerty" work. I switched to Maverick recently and the most used feature i am missing is the possibility to jump to the desktop by dragging the mouse in a selected corner.

Is there any way to get to the desktop quickly? I love spaces. But does anybody know if the Application Switcher command-tab can be configured to switch between apps in the current space only or at least preferentially? I make heavy use of command tab to switch between apps. It would be great if the apps belonging to my current space would move to the front order.

As it currently stands, after switching to a space, I have to command tab to each of the apps that belong to that space just so that they are at the first of the command-tab list. They have taken the grid, which allowed one to organise your desktops in a 2D spacial way, which the human brain is designed for 3D even!