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I'm unsure which is being used on RS, but Fancy Tasks would be a logical choice. The App folder structure also follows a mac structure, eg. I do hope it gets leaked. While this is, at best, a very shoddy interpretation of the Mac OS interface circa , I nonetheless approve of this direction.

OS X Yosemite Transformation Pack For Windows 7/8.1

They rather look like a real Linus distribution! I would not trust Red Star Linux on anything other than a lab machine — you should assume that North Korea has built monitoring and surveillance technology into it. I remember a sketch before Win7 came out where some guys went to a mall with a KDE4 laptop and told people it was the new Windows, they seemed impressed. Just take a look at Finder and System Preferences Panel. They are exactly the same as Snow Lepoard. Just compared it with my old iMac. Pixel-to-pixel accuracy as Snow Lepoard, I give you my word.

Redstar 3. The OS was created by the Great Kim Jung Un himself and it shall free the great people of the Democratic Republic of Korea from inferior operating systems like the ones used by the evil invaders from the USA and the traitors of the South! I have installed Red Star OS 2. I have had some success installing packages, but if I could get ssh installed I would use it as my main OS at work.

I do a lot of work sshing into servers and running some preset commands and various things, but I am not a linux developer. I also can read Korean so that is cool.

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.1) for Windows (64bit)

It would be great if you could dump an iso onto piratebay or somewhere so we could have a look. This article made it all the way to BBC front page so thats why I am interested. If there are. Miller columns were dropped from Dolphin in KDE 4.

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The older version is based on the KDE 3. Looks really like a mac but it is green instead of blue. Why would North K. Why not Windows? I thought that they despise Americans and now they are trying to make something that is US made??? Am I the only one wondering how a us lecturer went into orth korea, lectured the north koreans and then got out safely? This is a ridiculous story. There are dozens and dozens of Linux, open source, distributions looking like this, and using various interfaces.

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These open source Linux distributions looking like the Mac OS operating system have been around for at least 3 or 4 years, and are freely available for anyone to use, adopt, improve, advance, develop, or otherwise change. For foreign nations, and cities, interested in operating systems, such as Munich, Germany, it makes sense to use Linux distributions and configure them to new configurations adopted to the needs of the user, rather than use an operating system such as Windows where Microsoft is able to spy upon the use.

Or, it could be Pear..

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.1) for Windows (32bit)

Who knows what they might have added though. Home Technology Software. Kim Jong Ill January 7, at Juchenet is best Internet North Korea is best Korea. Reasonable Man January 31, at Kevin January 31, at Gag Halfrunt January 31, at Mike February 4, at RS 2 is clearly KDE 3. I suppose KCC could be maintaining their own Dolphin branch, but that seems unlikely… KDE is not Windows-like quite the opposite , and it's flexible enough to make it look like either of these popular environments or something else too.

Will Scott February 5, at Peter February 1, at Alex Exler February 2, at PNG February 4, at Scrat February 4, at Does Scott intend to upload it somewhere so those of us that want to download it can do so? Rob February 4, at Alex February 4, at Not all windows; for example preferences and options dialogs do not Mouse scroll wheel support in Word pre-X depends totally on the mouse drivers. Microsoft drivers for the Microsoft Mouse generally work and will often drive other companies' mice! In Windows, the keyboard shortcuts are listed in the Help, in a topic surprisingly enough called "keyword shortcuts".

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On the Mac, only some of the keystrokes are listed, in various topics such as "About using shortcut keys" and "Select text and graphics". To find the list on either platform, use Search from the Microsoft Office Help to look for the word "keyboard". If you select a command, and it has a key assignment, the Customize dialog will tell you what it is.

This is a better place to look than the Help, because users can and should change their keystrokes to suit themselves on either platform. The Customize dialog also includes a handy Reset button if you decide you do not like the keystrokes you inherited from the previous user on that computer. Finally, each version of Word enables you to print a list of the currently-assigned keystrokes so you can stick them on the wall.

To print them on the Mac:. You do it exactly the same way in Windows, or see here for a more extensive pre-built list. With OS X, Apple changed some of the keystrokes reserved for the operating system and added some new ones. On each version of Mac OS, Word follows system convention. Some Mac keyboards do not have a Forward Delete key. You will strike it most often in tables: in a Table, Delete becomes " Clear " which removes the cell contents without removing the cells.

Use Cut to delete the cells themselves. Back Delete will remove text within a cell but has no effect if more than one cell is selected. The Mac has an Option Key , Windows does not have an equivalent.

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Generally what you expect from the Option key will be on the Control Key in Windows. On Mac OS 9 , they are the same. One thing that will catch you out all the time is that on the Mac, Word adopts the Mac convention of having a Preferences command. It's the same thing, the tabs are exactly the same inside. Word on the Mac still has a Work menu you can put on your menu bar; this has been replaced by the Task Pane which is nowhere near as convenient in later versions of PC Word.

In order to display a document in WYSIWYG mode, Word needs to know a lot about the capabilities of the printer the document will eventually be sent to. In Windows this is very simple: Word reads all the information it needs from the printer driver for the printer set as the Windows default.

On the Mac, it attempts to do the same thing, but the mechanism is vastly more complex.

Look here for more detail. Making software is a depressingly manual activity.

Tema de Mac OS X (Yosemite) Para Windows 7/8.1 - Transformation Pack

Every line of code has to be planned, typed, and checked. There are more than 30 million of them in Microsoft Office. There simply was not enough time and money to bring all the features of PC Word across to the Mac.

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And some of them we wouldn't want , anyway! Most of the omissions are of interest only to solution developers:.

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On the PC, you can use characters with impunity: if the PC does not have the font, it will find the closest font that contains the character. On the Mac, in Word and above, you can use the exact same range of characters because Word is running in Unicode; however, because you cannot embed the font in the document, you need to make sure that each character that you use exists in one or more of the Unicode fonts your recipient has.

If in doubt, for PC compatibility, use only the fonts that Microsoft supplies. Microsoft includes a pack of fonts with Mac Office that have been very carefully hinted to display and print the same on the Mac as the same-named fonts do on the PC. Although the Mac can happily use PC fonts, the rendering of those may be subtly different, particularly on the high-res Mac displays.

Jim says "Office for Mac has a very nice feature to make font compatibility a cinch. There is no work-around to the restrictions John mentioned. Fonts embedded by Windows Word are ignored. Code you write on the Mac will run on the PC if you are careful. Expect code you write on the PC in Word or above to generate compile- or run-time errors on the Mac. Active-X controls will not work on Macs.

Some of the latest controls from won't work on a Mac. Developers should read George Clark's article for more detail. ActiveX is not supported on the Mac at all. If you create userforms, use only the controls provided in the Forms Toolbar on the Mac, anything else you bring from the PC will generate an error when the user opens the document. Digital Signatures are not supported on the Mac, and neither is code signing.