Mac ssh through socks proxy

With a tunnel active and traffic proxied through the tunnel, that traffic will appear to be coming from your remote server instead of your local machine.

This can be useful to bypass remote network issues or restrictive firewalls. If you are looking for an article explaining how to set up an SSH tunnel on your Windows machine, see our article here. The Mac already ships with all of the tools needed to set up an SSH tunnel, but you'll also need a remote server to SSH your connection through.

Replace server. We're doing this so we can easily enter a command later to gracefully end the SSH tunnel without having to kill the connection.

Create a SOCKS proxy on a Linux server with SSH to bypass content filters

If you have to enter a password, the terminal will not show you bullets for your key strokes. You won't see anything at all. Just type your password and hit Return on your keyboard. Follow these steps to configure your system.

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While the screenshots may look different, these directions should work on any version of MacOS back to at least Snow Leopard If you cannot make changes to your Mac's network settings, you can still use Firefox to secure your web browsing traffic. With this method, only traffic in Firefox is routed through the proxy service, all other traffic is routed normally.

What you need

If you don't see a change in the IP address, try forcing the page to refresh or quit and restart your browser and try again. If you have problems for any reason disconnecting from your remote server this way, you can always restart your Mac and that will automatically kill the connection.

SSH via a Socks proxy on OS X with connect.c : Bart Busschots

Type this into the Terminal window:. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Is there a way to set that up? I was able to configure Firefox to manually use remote DNS and it worked great.

SSH Tunnel setup on Mac OS X

Is there an environment variable for this? Similar topic was discussed in SU :. You need to use for example netcat to direct the traffic over the proxy:. To forward DNS requests, it will be more complicated, because low-level functions in openssh do not respect environmental variables.

SSH via SOCKS proxies

You will probably need to set up your local DNS resolver, which will forward the requests to the proxy. There is dns-tcp-socks-proxy , which should handle. Simple test should be possible using dig again, but when this resolver if functional, you will not need the proxy part:. As an easy alternative, I can recommend using normal the host as a jumphost, skip the proxy part and do IO redirect using -W switch:.

It should do the dns resoving and routing on the jumpbox.

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