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And for reasonable money! Comment on this posting I have to use a G5 Power Mac to run an old database app for billing purposes it is custom-written and when this G5 dies, I can run it in SheepShaver. It used to print OK to a wired ethernet printer, but can't see the wireless replacement printer, unless I use the Desktop Printer Utility to create an LPR print queue for it.

The problem is the printer doesn't survive a restart - the Chooser opens as soon as Classic starts, and of course the desktop printer doesn't show as a choice. In the old days I would have clicked on the Desktop printer's icon and Set as Default, but there isn't a way I can see to find where I can access it nowadays. Anyway I can get those items to show again, as I don't want to have to recreate the desktop printer every time the computer starts up! One workaround if you have a printer for which OS 9 drivers are unavailable or inconvenient to use, is to use James W.

Mac OS 9 for OS X/macOS

I've used it with every system starting at about Mac OS 7. It runs fine under Classic. I haven't tried it with SheepShaver. I've used this to print from Word 5.

Mac OS 9 for OS X/macOS

James W. Except for that detail, documented on Mr. In Snow Leopard, Apple's Preview won't even open them unless it's running in bit mode, and it has never done vector conversions -- it handles all PICTs as bitmaps and doesn't scale them correctly. TextEdit bit does vector conversion and correct scaling but is awkward to handle graphics with. The best current option is ToyViewer again in bit mode and with the correct preferences set , but it saves Quartz PDFs, which are bloated by font embedding and bulky color tables which were never in the original PICT.

I mean, how many thousands of copies of the Helvetica font do I need on my hard drive?

Anyway, there's a wish for all us legacy file users. There was also "Virtual printer" to print to pdf from Adobe. I use it under SheepShaver on Snow Leopard. I really think that anyone who is relying on an OS9 application for their business is skating on thin ice. It is time to bite the bullet and migrate the data to a modern application.

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Whatever the original database engine was, it could undoubtedly be duplicated in another. As one of my friends puts it, software has a shelf life. OS9 applications have expired. Corrects a vulnerability related to The following describes how to deal with this problem. We would like to offer our sincere apologies to users who have been inconvenienced by the phenomenon described below.

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