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Another feature added in the release of Windows 8 and 8. These apps allow you to access content quickly in the same way our smartphones and tablets do. When selected, these apps open in full screen, not leaving much room for multi-tasking. Parallels Desktop 9 is designed for productivity and allows you to run Modern apps in smaller windows so you can continue running other applications.

how is this possible? (printing to pdf file from windows-parallels)

Keep in mind that while Windows 8 and 8. Navigating the Windows user interface on a Mac is done solely via the trackpad and keyboard.

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You also want to make sure your system has at least 2GB of memory; 4GB or more is recommended for optimal performance. For your virtual environments, you will also need a full version of the operating system you wish to virtualize, e. Windows 7. After launching Parallels Desktop 9, a virtual machine creation wizard is launched automatically assisting you through the creation process.

Mac users rely on these high-speed interfaces for transferring large files at accelerated transfer rates. Parallels Desktop 9 supports both Thunderbolt and FireWire storage devices natively inside of your Windows virtual environment and provides switching of these devices between the Mac and the Windows operating systems. This saves the Mac users from having to purchase additional equipment to use in different environments.

Parallels Desktop 9

Power Nap allows your applications to update in the background while your computer is in a sleep state—keeping your apps and related information up to date. You can use these services to sync data across all of your virtual machines without duplicating files. These cloud services will still occupy dedicated folders in your operating system but will treat all your environments as a central hub for all of your content.

As cloud storage grows in popularity, Parallels Desktop 9 recognizes that users need to sync data easily across multiple environments without the worry of maintaining each operating system independently. If you have multiple files that support different file systems, you can now store them in a central location and easily switch to the virtual environment in which you would like to access them.


This feature literally puts the ability to look up a word, quickly, at your fingertips. PDF printer allows you to print from Windows applications to PDF and save the document on your Mac desktop for reviewing at your leisure. This feature is useful for content like articles and web pages. Parallels Desktop 9 makes this feature usable in every Windows application s , regardless of whether or not the app natively supports PDF printing.

This allows you to capture a screen shot from any Windows app for printing, sharing, or saving as needed. Press send and the fax machine will dial the fax How to receive a fax Most fax machines can receive a fax as hardcopy or send it to your computer.

Mac OS X: How to Print as a PDF

Things to be aware of You will need to connect the fax machine to an active landline phone line. It still requires a wired connection to a landline phone line to send and receive faxes. This method will add fax capability to the computer.

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A fax modem A landline phone line How to set it up Load a virtual machine onto your Mac using a program such as Parallels or VirtualBox. Connect the fax modem to a landline phone line. How to send and receive a fax Follow our guide on how to fax from a Windows computer or how to fax from a Linux computer to send and receive faxes by using the fax modem within the Windows or Linux VM. Things to be aware of Faxing will take place within the virtual machine.

A virtual machine takes up a lot of hard drive space expect at least 20 GB as it is an extra operating system. Useful for older devices.

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That is most welcome. One of the great delights of Desktop has been the install wizard. In this version, things have gotten even better. Plus there is one-click access to both Ubuntu Linux and Windows 8. Finally, the wizard can detect the Linux OS type from the.

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ISO file, so you don't have to. Windows 8. And so, Parallels allows you to easily run Windows 8 apps in the VM on your Mac in a dedicated window. The helps especially when one is doing a lot of cut and paste from Windows to OS X apps and vise versa.

One of the things you don't want to have to do is keep your cloud files, for example, Dropbox files, in both Windows and OS X. That just chews up storage.