Radeon hd 5870 mac driver

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About Us. Maybe it is some clever trick that AMD has done in their firmware?? After all, Apple has just refreshed their MacBook Pros, and they use this series card 6xxx. It should replace my old HD in a mac pro 1,1.

Before i installed the 3 extensions from ATI. Unbox the — plug the 2 Cable — close cover — boot up…. If u log in to WoW the Fan goes up in speed. For me i think the Fan outlet in the rear side is very hot. Hi there. Here is an PRG Update. FYI: The temperature in 3D mode the goes very hot. This is great news. Has anyone figured out a way to get signal on boot-up? The one issue I have is that i use rEFIt for multi-boot.

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Is a bit inconvenient flying blind…. But then, thats just me, i like it silent simple n easy…. I dig giving credit where its deserved….. Cindori: ofc it is not, is not a successor to , is you can buy any manufacturer of for this purpose. But the post talk about works perfect in macosx, not about So whats the big deal between and ?

how to update drivers for radeon hd 5870??

See what final Lion drivers will bring support for b. See what final Lion drivers will kill support for c. Hope Lion give us new drivers for less expensive video cards. How and when we will know if Lion support new drivers?

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Thank you for this website and your post Cindori — would not have found this info without it! I installed the drivers before popping in the card of course. I noticed on the first start, expose and some other graphical stuff such as the sliding dock I guess all core image related? I was kind of scared but then reliefed when it went to normal after a second reboot — maybe OSX had some driver related stuff to do after the first boot?

I also noticed that the card is recognized under a different name in OSX. Runs on 16x speed though. Black screen? I first though I might be able to control it even with no monitor signal but it seems it is not even loaded. So does the Apple EFI normaly contain the entire boot menu also? As this will probably affect future installations I will be keeping my feshly baked for sure.

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Tom: Thank you for this website and your post Cindori — would not have found this info without it! I got some questions, in case anyone knows. This problem hapend with flashed cards. And then you can see the boot menu.


The saphire runs on my mac pro 1,1 Final cut, motion, etc aparently runs ok. Warkraft an X3 runs full. Well, sort of, obviously I want it for my work too but my is doing all that fine. Actually you can control the boot with REFit utility… obiously you can not see anything during boot BUT… you can switch on the LED in your keyboard when boot until you see that led is switched off then you are in refit and in my case boot windows is move the right key 4 times and ENTER then I have selected windows without enter in Mac os.

Works fine. Just installed the drivers and a Sapphire Biggest problem was power cables. It's 2X the speed of the The "might" run OOTB in To get the bootup screens I always buy 2 of the same 2nd. If so, I'll hunt for one this week. I suppose what Im saying is, if you're going for a PC card, you should try to get the , as it's a much more powerful card, and OSX has had native support for that card since If you feel like installing Mountain lion, this opens up a whole other realm for you - You can use pretty much any modern video card i.

If anyone has this card and wants the ROM it's here but you'll have to sign up to be able to actually see the download. Start the Win 7 installer don't select 64 bit you can in a future installation but not now for this project yet. Don't worrk. Didn't you! I have Mavericks 9. Thanks to " Tiamo"'s efi. You can post now and register later.

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