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Beginners will learn how to sing and professionals will have all the tools they need to stay at the top of their game. Our online vocal training is the best in the industry.

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User controlled vocal warm-ups; choose from scale pattern, range, speed, and vowel sound warm-ups. Learn to identify pitches and also to hear and sing intervals and harmonies through strengthening your voice. Dave came out and joined me on tour.

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It has every kind of scale a singer would need for any situation and can be talored to suit each individual voice. Many of the singers who came out with music at the same time as me have lost their voices and range from the pressure of singing every night and also the travel and lifestyle. It is a muscle that needs to be stretched and worked out just like any other muscle in the body for it to stay healthy.

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My range has increased and I can honestly say I am a better singer today than I ever was and its because i never have stopped learning and growing. I think it is good for all kids and people to learn to sing because it releases a lot of tension and is a great vehicle to channel your emotions and pain. It's powerful. Natasha Bedingfield Artist, Singer, Composer. The amount of vocal warmups and workouts included in SINGPRO along with its diagnostic abilities make it specific and useful for any type of singer.

I was blown away that the Ear Training section utilized the same methodology that I studied when coming up and allowed me to test out of Ear Training when I enrolled at Berklee. I recommend this useful tool to every singer I work with as it ensures a healthy warm up and a great conditioning tool between gigs. I have been a piano player - mostly classical - but wanted to pursue pop music and had no experience with singing.

So, I tracked down the best coach I could find, and found out he also had some software for vocal development. SINGPRO became my go to tool and with it, I was able to not only get more range and ease in my voice, but I have been able to stylize so much better because of my use of the program. Adjust the Input volume slider so that most of the bars light up when you talk the loudest.

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You don't want all the bars to light up, just most of them, then you know you have the Input level set correctly. Microphone placement Place the microphone near you, or position yourself near the microphone.

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The microphone should generally be located as near to the sound source as possible. However, singing too close too a microphone may create "popping" effects. A good starting point is about 2 feet distance. A little experimentation may improve results. One Note Only! The pitch detection algorithm can only detect one note at a time! It cannot distinguish individual notes among chords.

When using an instrument capable of producing more than one note, avoid notes which continue to sound after a new note is introduced. For example, avoid open strings on a guitar. Also avoid reverb and echo effects. As you sing or play, your pitch is plotted on the graph in real time. The trace advances only when the pitch of a note is identified, so it is important that you set up for 'best results'.

The Vocal Lab graph looks something like a polygraph or seismograph.

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The horizontal lines across the graph are placed at the 12 chromatic tones. The octave is ignored; all notes wrap around to the 12 notes of the display. The objective is to stay as near to these lines as possible, while you sing or play. The further you stray from the lines, the more out of tune you are.

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This plot shows in great detail the pitch history and helps isolate problem areas in your intonation. For example, you may tend to start flat and glide up to the note, or you may drift flat as you hold a note. Nobody can sing "perfectly" in tune such that they always stay on the lines, but, that is the objective.


Some people may have a hard time accepting that they are really that much out of tune, but the graph does not lie! Reference Tone Buttons Click these buttons to generate an audible reference tone, if desired. The reference tones are mathematically generated to provide a precise frequency reference. The timbre of the reference tones may not be 'pleasing' depending on speaker quality. If you press the shift key or the control key when you click these buttons, it generates an octave higher or lower reference tone. I love the program, still, it would be cool if I could trigger the notes with the keys on a midi keyboard and have an optional piano sound I like how accurate the pitch detection is more accurate than the standard sing and see although the tracer in sing and see breaks less often.

I also prefer the sing and see display of a piano keyboard for how it lights up to the key youre in. All and all though- I love this app and its well worth the money and honestly not far off enough from sing and see justify the price difference. Also considering the sing and see version for the mac is just the windows version coated in a wine bottle program version for the mac- which makes it glitchy.