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For Final Cut Pro users, it creates a ProRes file that automatically sets the correct dimensions and native video codec that fit with project settings. You can even export sound from your favorite videos to an iPhone ringtone and use the trimming features to refine it. If you want to change the general plugin settings of Flip4Mac 3.

There are several different configurations options including for the Flip Player media browser, upgrade, update and plugin settings. Note that Flip4Mac 3. The benefit of this is that Flip4Mac 3. However, audio codecs are bit now.

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Overall, the introduction of Flip Player is the major innovation in Flip4Mac 3. It offers some powerful features that aren't available in the free version of QuickTime, and it's very well designed to suit the look of OS X. However, it lacks some of the features of QuickTime such as screen recording and some users may feel it's not quite as slick as Apple's own player. This is best conversion ever helping me to play my slide presentation for medical students. Did not work. Flip4Mac does not work - period!. Flip4Mac does not work.

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I paid for it. I have done everything that people on the various fora suggest.

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It does not work. I am sick and tired of software manufacturers selling sub-standard products.

This program failed to install. It doesn't appear to have an update - looks like a rip-off!!!!! This is NOT free software!. The installer requires you to purchase a license before it'll allow you to install anything. It misleads yo u into thinking it's free software until you get to the license screen in the installer. However, the license is very cheap - under 4 British Pounds not sure what it is in US money so it's kinda still worth it I guess - just would be nicer to have been up-front about this cost instead of waiting until you're already installing it.

Nice, easy to use software. Good, clean interface. This player has a massive play icon in the top corner and it r uins the viewing experience. What kind of thought of that idea? View full description. Added more videos and audio format support. The conversion speed is greatly increased.

How to download and install VLC player on mac os x

Newly add Auto fit to output option. HD video codec support. Hardware acceleration enabled. Solved some remaining problems of conversion.

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The converter is another story. It is relatively expensive, so you think you will get something good. Well, it only converts one solitary audio or video at a time. So what do you do if you have an song Windows Media Library you need to convert to Apple? One by one that would take a century, or at least a decade. Worse, the converter insists on putting the resulting output into..

However, there is a solution. Get the free player, skip the seven dollar in-app converter, and buy the Audio Converter for ten bucks. Final bit of advice - skip the in-app converter that only does one song at a time. Dear Customer, Thanks for your feedback of Media Player.

Microsoft's defunct Windows Media Player for Mac

We will update some of the features in our next version. If you need any help for Media Player, please contact us at support ifunia. Thanks for your support again! It is the best choice for the mac users who want smooth playback of the videos and audios that might look choppy on other video players.


It can help save my computer resources and supports different videos formats. The most important thing is that it is one of the greatest alternatives of 4K player. Get ready to experience high quality video playback with iFunia. Meanwhile,it support losd subtitles automatically.

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After downloaded several video players, I found this app to be the one I need. It allows me to watch videos in almost any formats. And I really like the interface, clean and easy to use. With this great media player, I can capture any moments of the video I love. Most of all, it is free of charge. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Enhances the overall stability in High Sierra.

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Fixed some minor bugs. Improved overall stability of playing videos. Minor bugs fixed.