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If you are not sure which one to choose. The latter is recommended, but it will take a bit more time than the former. In addition to the internal hard drive on Mac, the data recovery also recovers data from external hard drive and other storage media like SD cards and USB drive, you only need to insert it on your Mac. Click the scan button.

Select the word documents you want to recover, preview before recovery. If it is the one you want to recover, hit "Recover" button to recover the word document to your mac. When the word document is lost or deleted, the first thing you should do is to check the Trash bin. Since, all the removed items are transferred to Trash Bin by default on mac. Here are the steps to recover from Mac Trash. In fact, if you have a good habit to back up files via online storage services, that would be much easier to get the lost or deleted word document back.

Though there are many online storage services, such as Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, the steps to recover Word documents from these backups are quite easy and similar. Here we take iCloud and Google Drive to demonstrate how to do the online Word recovery. We all know that Mac Preview builds in the feature allowing users to revert to previous versions, but unfortunately, Office Word on Mac is not able to do so. If the Word document is not created by you, go ask for the original word document from the sender;.

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If you have turned the Time Machine ON, your Word documents will be well backed up and you are able to get a previous version of your Word document. Above all are the methods about how to recover word document on Mac.

And developing a good habit will help us save much energy. The best methods to protect your files are saving them in time and doing the archive regularly. If you have any data recovery issues, Cisdem Data Recovery is always a good choice to get the issues fixed. The best iPhone data recovery software that recover deleted or lost data on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in 3 steps.

On the business trip, store important files in laptop is not the first choice, instead with storing them on memory card or flash drive are very convenient. With more files stored on the SD memory card or flash drive. If we deleted the necessary files by mistaken will be so troublesome.

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  8. Here, we will introduce three ways about how to recover files on the SanDisk card with best data recovery software. This guide outlines the instructions to restore from Time Machine backup and perform data recovery on Mac if you get Time Machine backup error. Have emptied your Mac Recycle or Trash Bin, but sadly find that your important files been deleted by mistake.

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    So far, the fullest guide to recover a word document, I managed to recover the docx file in my icloud backup. All rights reserved. Privacy Sitemap. Suddenly, A message came up saying Word had to quit unexpectedly.

    Recover an Unsaved Word Document

    When I open the word document again, some contents were unsaved. Please tell me how I can recover unsaved word document on Mac. I have a very important Word file that has been deleted. I cannot find them where I had saved it as well as in the Trash bin. The word document might have been permanently deleted. Is there any way to salvage this file?

    Prospect of Word File Recovery on Mac

    Part 1. For this program to work you will need to save the document first, with a proper name then the program will continue to save the document after every 10 minutes or lesser whatever you choose. Now, if an unexpected shutdown has removed the file from the device then you will be prompted for a recovery procedure when you launch the Word next time.

    But if it's not the case then you will still be able to recover a version of the document if you just look into the Auto Recovery Folder. Step 3: Now, there may be a few files, so, you must check the dates of every one of them to find the one you are looking for. Step 4: Ultimately, when you find the missing file you must not click to open it, just save it using a new name.

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    But this procedure will only work for Word , sadly who are using the Word they are in for a challenge. The Auto Recovery Folder for Word is inside the system and for that, you will need to make the hidden folders visible. So, the steps you can take to find the Auto Recovery Folder while using Word are as follows:. This is how to recover unsaved word document Mac. So, if you actually have any Auto Recovery file they will be inside that location.

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    But the Auto Recovery files are not permanent, if the Mac was shut down unexpectedly then Auto Recovery will save the file but if you have deleted it then Auto Recovery will not save the file as you have closed the file according to proper procedure. The official procedure mentioned above should be enough to recover unsaved word document Mac, but if you are having trouble to use it or just simply don't want to use it then there are independent recovery tools or software you can use to get back that file.

    Here's how to recover deleted word documents on Mac using this recovery tool:. Step 1: First you need to download this software then run it on your Mac. Then select a location to scan deleted files. Step 2: After scanning, you will get a preview of the files found by the software. You can either choose Tree View or File View. Well, this is considered as the best recovery tool of our time, even if it's a recently deleted file or a very older one you will always have a chance to recover it if you are using UltData - Mac Data Recovery tool.

    Needless to say that there aren't any guarantees in these types of situations, even if you are using official programs such as Auto Recovery or Time Machine, you might think that they are developed by Apple so they are bound to help you but actually, that is not always true.